As new owners of a lovable and cute puppy, we decided to let her have her own blog.  Besides daily musings and funny stories, she will talk about her training, as well as review toys, clothes, accessories, and food.

A little about us:

  • We are dog lovers!  We have had pets since we were kids, but this is our first dog together.  We love to spoil our puppy, but while also making sure she is properly trained.  
  • The items found on our site are mostly unique products that we feel other dog lovers would love.  From pet toys, to colorful collars and training products, you will find something that you must have!
  • Our base is Asheville, NC.  Though, we have sourced manufacturers worldwide and can ship anywhere.
  • We have always been dog lovers and thought it would be fun to share our experiences.
  • This shop was created in October of 2015.