Not all of us sleep all day, waiting for our next chance to chase a bunny or catch a scrap from the dinner table.  Some dogs are simply badass!  Check out these military dogs that will make you proud.

1. This Coast Guard dog is so cool it's breathtaking!  

Coast Guard Dog

2. Wow, and I thought I was cool sticking my head out of our Subaru!

Tank Dog

3. No matter who we are with, we always need to lead!

Leading The Pack

4. This is like when my Mom and I look out the window for squirrels.  Well... almost.

Watching For Bad Guys

5. Wait, wait, wait!! Is this a thing??

Jumping From A Plane

6. "Don't worry, I've got your back!"

I've Got Your Back!

7. I would not want to be this guy's enemy!

Fierce Military Dog

8. "I'm supposed to aim for the cat, right??"

Sniper Dog

9. You always have to be friendly to the guy flying you around.

Greeting The Pilot

10. Clearly, he's tougher than they were expecting!

Tough Dog

11. It's not always tense and serious.  There is always time to be goofy!

Goofy Military Dog

12. "I've waited my entire life for THIS mission!!"

Tennis Ball Mission

13. Is every military dog this cool?

Cool military dog

14. This apparently IS a thing!  I know what you will never see me doing!!

Skydiving Dog